Whittney Evans

KCPW reporter Whittney Evans shares Utah news stories with Utah Public Radio. Whittney holds a degree in communication with an emphasis in print journalism from Morehead State University in Kentucky.

After a calamitous few weeks, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is heading out on what he's calling a reconciliation tour. He is holding tight on to his office despite widespread calls to resign after a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page surfaced and he admitted to wearing blackface in the 1980s. But has vowed to focus the rest of his term on racial inequality while also examining his own white privilege. The tour starts Thursday, Feb.

The state of Utah will write new standards for safety and operations at prisons and county jails — and those standards will now be made available to the public. The announcement came Friday after media and civil rights groups challenged their confidentiality.

A new charter school in Utah wants to equip students in kindergarten through ninth grade with a solid foundation in business.

Students' daily lessons are peppered with concepts like sales and marketing, finance and entrepreneurship, says first-grade teacher Tammy Hill. "And that plays into leadership and improved math skills. And finance plays into every part of their lives."