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   The arrival of charter schools in Montgomery is now in limbo. A contract to convert four Montgomery Public Schools into charter schools failed to pass at a meeting of the Montgomery County school board yesterday. After the contract was presented by the Montgomery E

ducation Foundation to the board, Montgomery Schools Superintendent Ann Roy Moore recommended passage and board member Lesa Keith made a motion, but a second motion never came and the measure failed.

   Alabama State University will conclude it’s Founders’ Week activities with the 119th  Founder’s Day Convocation Friday. The yearly celebration commemorates the University’s origin, history and the people that made it possible. The keynote speaker for the event is Larry Mack, alumnus of ASU and currently the deputy director of Human Capital at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Marshal Space Flight Center in Huntsville. The convocation begins at 10am at the Dunn-Oliver Acadome. It is free and open to the public.

Montgomery County Probate Judge running for mayor

Feb 7, 2019

   Another candidate for mayor of Montgomery has emerged. After hinting at the move earlier, Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven Reed confirmed his decision to run for mayor yesterday. He released a statement to the media. In it, he expresses his desire to bring new ideas to the table on education, public safety and economic development. He says he will have a campaign kickoff event at a later time. Reed was first elected as probate judge in 2012, then re-elected in 2018. He joins a growing field of candidates for the office. Montgomery’s municipal election is August 27.


     Protesters in Alabama have burned two American flags outside Hoover City Hall and vowed intensified protests at schools, businesses and homes in response to the state's decision against prosecuting the officer who shot a 21-year-old armed black man while responding to a mall shooting on Thanksgiving night. As he lit a flag Tuesday evening, demonstration leader Carlos Chaverst Jr. says the symbol won't mean anything to him until black lives matter. More than a half-dozen officers watched from a few feet away.

City of Birmingham

     The widow of a slain Alabama police officer is attending President Donald Trump's State of the Union address as a guest of U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell. The Democratic lawmaker says Tiphanie Carter will join her at the speech Tuesday night. Carter is the wife of the late Wytasha Carter, a Birmingham police sergeant who was shot to death in the line of duty last month.

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After long days picking leaves on tea plantations in India's remote northeast, some laborers like to relax with a glass of cheap, strong, locally-brewed liquor. Most can't afford the brand-name stuff.

But Indian authorities say at least 93 people have died and some 200 others are hospitalized after drinking tainted alcohol there in recent days. Some are in critical condition.

United Methodist Church leaders are meeting in St. Louis beginning Saturday to decide whether to lift a ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex weddings.

The topic has become increasingly contentious in recent years, as more United Methodist clergy have come out as gay. United Methodists are among the last mainline Protestant denominations to address the issue, and some worry it could cause a major rift in the church.

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Big Pharma Heads To Capitol Hill

5 hours ago

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The Poets Of Fishing Gather In Oregon

5 hours ago

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Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi opens his new memoir, I.M., in the toy aisle at the Avenue U Variety Store. It's the mid-1960s, and he desperately wants a deluxe Barbie set — which comes with a doll and three outfits. Unfortunately for 5-year-old Mizrahi, a Barbie was "the exact thing that would label a kid in those days as someone who was a freak," he says.

In the new horror-thriller film Greta, Frances and the titular Greta find each other in a time-honored old movie way: Frances sees a woman's handbag in a seat on the New York subway. This nice young woman, who has just come to New York, does a nice thing.

She opens the bag, finds a wallet, ignores the money, and returns the bag to its owner, who turns out to be an elegant older woman full of conspicuous kindness and courtesy. They seem happy to find each other.