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April is Autism Awareness Month


Supporting WVAS

WVAS-FM is proud of its 38 years of service to its community. And, like many public radio stations across this country, WVAS depends on its listeners and friends, individually and corporately, for financial support in order to continue to bring high-quality programming to fans worldwide. Below are some of the ways that you can ensure that the jazz, news, views, blues and gospel that you have come to rely on from WVAS remain stronger than ever.


Underwriting is the means used by public radio to transmit a message about your business or organization to listeners. An underwriting association with WVAS, with its long-standing reputation for social responsibility, identifies your company as a civic and community-minded organization. It means that your interest in the public goes beyond simply selling a product or service. Our listeners appreciate the non-commercial, direct approach our underwriters use to promote their businesses and services, and they appreciate your support of the station.

WVAS offers you the freedom to underwrite the programming of your choice, enabling you to (1) reach thousands of listeners weekly, (2) provide listeners with information about your product or service in an uncluttered format, and, (3) have this same information broadcast globally through our Internet program stream. As an underwriter, you will enjoy unrivaled access to a coveted group of consumers. To become an underwriter, contact WVAS at 334-229-4708.


WVAS is continually engaged with the community through a variety of events. "Jazz on the Grass", created in 2006 by WVAS, is the largest Labor Day music celebration in the River Region. Montgomery's community-wide free “Halloween Spooktacular” event for community children is hosted by WVAS and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office each year. These occasions and other special events hosted by WVAS provide an opportunity for your business or organization to “hitch your wagon” to stellar gatherings while supporting community arts. To become an event sponsor, contact WVAS at 334-229-4708.


WVAS welcomes the donation of your unwanted vehicle (car, boat, etc.). Donating your vehicle is quick and convenient (it will be picked up for free), and it may provide you with a tax deduction. And every donation from the sale of your car brings WVAS closer to its fundraising goal. Visit and click the yellow car on the right side of the homepage (“Donate Your Old Car”) for more information, or call 1-877-WVAS-123.


WVAS-FM's most important source of support is you... the listener. You make it possible for WVAS to bring you the best in jazz, blues, news, views and gospel, too, year in and year out... without commercial restraints. And when you pool together your financial support, you keep WVAS strong! Make your secure gift here,or call the station at 334-229-4708 to learn about more ways to give to WVAS.