Marcia Ball On Piano Jazz

Jun 22, 2018

Pianist, vocalist and songwriter Marcia Ball brings together Texas blues with Louisiana flavors, melding boogie-woogie, zydeco and Swamp Rock. Influenced by artists of the region, such as Janis Joplin, Ball first came to the blues as a child by listening to Etta James and learned the piano through a mix of formal and informal lessons. On this 1997 Piano Jazz, Ball demonstrates her unique sound with "Crawfishin' " and her original "That's Enough of That." McPartland joins for a dual-piano rendition of "Woke Up Screaming."

Originally broadcast Fall 1997.


"Crawfishin'" (Garlow)

"That's Enough of That" (Ball)

"Woke Up Screaming" (Robey)

"Red Beans" (Morganfield)

"St. Gabriel" (Ball)

"Fingernails" (Ely)

"Go to the Mardi Gras" (Roeland, Thomas)

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