Frank Sinatra Birthday Special

Dec 9, 2011

Frank Sinatra was born on December 12th, 1915. Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite for a celebration of the life and music of the "Chairman of the Board". Listen for "The Duets of Frank Sinatra" during the 9:00 Hour...only on WVAS-FM Monday evening.

Sammy Davis, Jr. Birthday Salute

Dec 7, 2011

Thursday, December 8th is Sammy Davis, Jr.s Birthday. Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite for a special musical salute to Sammy Davis, Jr. during the 9:00 hour.

Dave Brubeck Birthday Special

Dec 5, 2011

Tuesday, December 6th is Dave Brubecks Birthday. Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite for a very special musical salute to Dave Brubeck during the 9:00 Hour. Only on 90.7 WVAS-FM.

Billy Strayhorn Birthday Salute

Nov 28, 2011

Tuesday, November 29th is Billy Strayhorn's Birthday. Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite for a very special musical tribute to Billy Strayhorn during the 9:00 Hour. Only on 90.7  WVAS-FM.

Jazz drummer Paul Motian passes away

Nov 22, 2011
Peter Hum / jazzblog.ca

Drummer Paul Motian, who for more than five decades imbued the smallest of musical gestures with supreme significance, died earlier today.

Jazztimes.com reports here that Motian, 80, “died at 4:52 a.m. in New York City, as confirmed by a representative from ECM Records… a cause of death has not been disclosed.”

Coleman Hawkins Special

Nov 18, 2011

November 21st is Coleman Hawkins Birthday. Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite for a very special musical tribute to Coleman Hawkins on that evening. That's Monday night only on 90.7FM - WVAS.

Sheila Jordan Special

Nov 17, 2011

Join Milton Shirdan on Jazz at Nite this evening for a special musical salute to Sheila Jordan, one of JAZZIZ magazines 25 Most Important Women In Jazz, during the 9:00 Hour. That's tonight only on 90.7 WVAS-FM.


Nov 16, 2011

Jazz Birthdays

Born on 11/17

Roswell Rudd - 1935

Born on 11/18

Bennie Wallace - 1946

Cindy Blackman - 1959

Don Cherry - 1936

Johnny Mercer - 1909

Charles Lloyd's Sangam On JazzSet

Nov 10, 2011

For his uncompromising and serious music, the 2011 Newport Jazz Festival was eager to present Charles Lloyd. He could bring any group he wanted, they told him. Lloyd said yes, and that he would bring Sangam, an East-West trio with one CD and few performances on the schedule. It was a coup!

'Two Skirts And A Shirt' On JazzSet

Mar 24, 2011

After a sweetly harmonized "Tryin' Times" from 1970 by Donny Hathaway and a rocking version of "Compared to What" by Gene McDaniels ("The president, he got his war / Folks don't know just what it's for"), Rene Marie pauses to ask two questions: "Do you remember when it was not unusual for jazz composers