New Manicure Implants Chip to Keep Digital Contact Details at Fingertips

Jul 13, 2021

  A new type of manicure is allowing customers to keep their digital contact details at their fingertips and share the information with others in seconds.


Hundreds of customers in Dubai are paying for microchip manicures. Hanane Spiers says, “Now if I’m in a loud place and I want to share my Instagram or my social media, I say: ‘Scan my finger!'”

The microchip is hidden under pretty polish and sealed onto the nail. Once tapped to a smart phone, data is sent in a matter of seconds. “This chip now is working as a business card. So, she can download her website, her social media accounts, her name, her contacts,” says Nour Makarem, founder of Lamour Beauty Lounge.

Makarem created the high-tech nail when the pandemic hit as an experiment on social media to help with social distancing. Like credit cards, the microchip works by using near field communication technology which allows a quick, contactless connection to a cell phone.

“It’s a gimmick, as we say right now,” says Spiers. “So, it’s the fun and the joys of trying something new. Will it be the future? Maybe.”

Creators hope so. They’ve microchipped more than 500 nails so far and hope to polish the technology to include contactless payments soon.


The makers also hope to use the microchips in restaurants too, allowing servers to keep digital menus at their fingertips. They claim the technology used cannot be tracked or hacked, but critics say anytime you carry a device that transmits information wirelessly, you open yourself up to privacy risks.