National Safety Month shifts focus amid COVID-19 pandemic

Jun 9, 2020

Credit Safety and Health Magazine

This month is National Safety Month, an initiative by the National Safety Council (NSC) to keep Americans aware of the risks all around them.

The National Safety Council observes this month every year to focus on saving lives and preventing injuries from the workplace to any place.

This year, National Safety Month looks a little different as NSC takes a different approach as the world navigates its way through the coronavirus crisis.

National Safety Council spokesperson Maureen Vogel said there’s a lot of anxiety and eagerness that we have to return to normal.

One of the things NSC wants to make sure we do is return to our new normal safely, and that includes making sure that the workplace is prepared and your home is prepared for you to do that.

The NSC believes a discussion around safety may be more important than ever before, as we work get back to normal in the midst of this pandemic.

For National Safety Month, NSC providing some real-time and relevant resources on a variety of topics for keeping workers safe in this new normal.