The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum opens today

Apr 26, 2018

   It is finally here, the grand opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice along with the Legacy Museum. Years in the making, the project is the brainstorm of Bryan Stevenson, the founder of the legal advocacy group Equal Justice Initiative. A six acre site on Caroline Street is home to 800 rectangular steel slabs, some on the ground, but most suspended from the roof of the monument. Each one representing a county where lynchings occurred, inscribed with the names of the victims. Coinciding with the opening is a two day summit with panel discussions on racial and social injustice. WVAS will have reports each hour from today’s activities at the Convention Center. A grand opening ceremony ends today’s events at 6:30pm. A concert for Peace and Justice culminates the week tomorrow night at the Riverwalk Amphitheater.

Credit Equal Justice Initiative