Mayor presents budget to city council

Aug 8, 2018

   For the first time, Montgomery’s proposed budget has reached 250 million dollars. That’s according to Mayor Todd Strange, who presented the budget, along with an address, at last night’s city council meeting. In discussing the 2019 general fund budget, the mayor trumpeted several accomplishments for Montgomery in the last year including the F-35 fighter jet coming to the city; tourism in the city setting new records; the Montgomery Internet Exchange’s continued growth; library improvements and employment gains.

   The spending plan adds around 8 million dollars more expenditures than last year’s budget. The money would reportedly go to merit pay increases, road construction and infrastructure projects; health care; boosts in the police and fire department budgets; as well as a 1 million dollar increase in the reserve fund. City council members will have a chance to examine the budget proposal before voting at a future meeti