Inside Out Photo Booth at Alabama State University this week

Apr 10, 2019

   French street artist JR’s mural of Montgomery residents has begun installation at One Court Square downtown. The Inside Out project had photographed more than 16-hundred people in Montgomery as of Sunday afternoon. Sarah Beatty Buller with local revitalizer Montgomery Builds says 2-thousand pictures are supposed to be taken, but the turnout has been greater than anticipated. The project has continued all week and in fact, an Inside Out pop-up photo booth will be on the campus of Alabama State University Thursday from 10am until 2pm for students, faculty, staff and alumni. It is going to be located in front of the Fred Shuttlesworth Dining Hall.

All the pictures that are taken in the project will be displayed in a final mural on the side of a three-story building next to the fountain at One Court Square. An Inside Out Project spokesperson says the effort celebrates everyday people regardless of ethnicity o

r economic class and displays everyone as equally significant.