Gas tax measure could arise in the 2019 legislative session

Jan 7, 2019

   Citing congested and neglected roadways and crumbling bridges, legislative leaders said a gas tax measure to improve infrastructure will be a major topic of the 2019 regular session. The state gas tax is currently 18 cents a gallon and that’s what it has been since 1992. It is among the lowest in the nation, according to comparisons from the American Petroleum Institute. House Speaker Mac McCutcheon says they have discussed ideas such as linking the gas tax to a regional average or indexing. He said the goal is to provide a revenue stream that will not be burdensome at the pump.


Republican Rep. Bill Poole, who is expected to sponsor the legislation, said the state has thousands of bridges over 50 years old, many of which are functionally obsolete. A gas tax bill faltered two years ago.