Don't Fall For The Scam

Mar 20, 2020

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is warning its customers about national Coronavirus scams. 

Scam Warning Signs: 

  • Door to door solicitation for any testing and prescribing for COVID -19; (tell individual(s) you are not interested, and you will contact your physician).  
  • Phone calls asking for health insurance contract information for free testing and services; (hang up immediately). 
  • Outreach from unfamiliar healthcare workers offering to send you a home test kit. 
  • False advertisements for vaccinations or medications to treat the disease. 
  • Unexplained or unauthorized laboratory tests or prescriptions appearing on your Blue Cross Explanation of Benefits statement. 
  • Advertisements offering health products that are ineffective against COVID-19 such as herbal teas, supplements, oils or ointments. 
  • Spear phishing emails referencing COVID-19 which contain malware. 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama says if you suspect healthcare fraud, please report it to or call its fraud hotline at (800) 824-4391. 

Total Confirmed Cases in Alabama: 78

Total Affected Counties: 15 of 67

Total Deaths: 0