Doctors weigh in on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine treatment

Dec 10, 2020

Credit WSFA News 12

New reports indicate the Pzifer vaccine may have stronger side effects in the second dose you’d be required to take. It’s news that may not sit well with people who were already leery about getting the shot.

The FDA has said the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective. Trial participants who got the shot may believe that’s true, but they are also reporting they felt a little sick after getting it.

Pfizer has said the symptoms may feel like a mild version of COVID, with muscle pain, chills, or a headache. Some respondents said the day of the shot they felt sick, but within 24 hours felt normal.

Doctors say while COVID-19 is something new they’re working to understand, the science behind vaccinations is not new and scientists have been working on different treatments for year. Doctors say if you’re hearing reports and are concerned about next steps should talk to a medical professional.

“Acknowledge the reasons they have doubts and feel validated in those doubts and it’s OK for them to have those doubts. Don’t allow the doubt to keep you from getting the facts. Read about it. Talk to your doctor about it,” said Dr. Kierstin Kennedy, UAB Hospital’s Chief of Hospital Medicine.

If Pfizer is granted emergency authorization - the immunizations could start as soon as next week.

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