Chisholm Elementary to be open another five years

May 23, 2018

   An agreement between the Alabama Education Association and the State Department of Education means that Chisolm Elementary in Montgomery is going to be open for at least the next five years. Because of that change in the intervention plan for Montgomery County Public Schools, the rezoning informational meetings that were going to begin tomorrow night will be rescheduled. The community meetings to provide information on the new zones are now scheduled for May 31st at Park Crossing High School, June 4 at Carver High School and June 7 at Lee High School. All meetings are still set to begin at 6:30pm and the same information will be shared at each event.

The settlement between the AEA and the Department of Education still has to be finalized but besides the Chisholm Elementary School change, the only other difference in the original intervention plan for Montgomery County Public Schools is that no outsourcing of MPS service personnel will take place in the 2018-19 school year. The settlement was announced yesterday afternoon.

Credit Montgomery Public Schools