Rina Torchinsky

In the aftermath of a 13-mile-wide volcanic eruption in Tonga, it could take weeks to repair an undersea communications cable that connected the South Pacific archipelago to the rest of the world.

The bald eagle population has slowly recovered from the impact of a pesticide that nearly drove them to extinction decades ago. But now researchers at Cornell University have found that lead ammunition continues to hamper the resilience of these American icons.

After more than 70 years, the federal government has decided that French dressing no longer needs to be regulated.

"When the standard of identity was established in 1950, French dressing was one of three types of dressings we identified," the Food and Drug Administration said in the final rule posted in the Federal Register on Thursday. The other two were mayonnaise and just "salad dressing."

With years of work in professional baseball under her belt, Rachel Balkovec has already broken multiple barriers. Now, she's about to do it again, this time as the first female manager in the history of the minor leagues.

According to a report in The Athletic, the New York Yankees plan to name Balkovec, 34, as manager of their Low-A squad, the Tampa Tarpons.