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Lottery legislation to come up this week

1 hour ago

   Lawmakers are headed to a vote on lottery legislation this week, as supporters aim to change Alabama's status as one of the few states without the games. The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee is scheduled to vote Tuesday on one of two rival lottery proposals introduced this session. Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh said his hope is to get a bill before the full Senate on Thursday. If a bill is approved by both chambers, the proposal would go before Alabama voters.

     The Alabama Supreme Court has appointed a new judge to oversee the trial of a Montgomery police officer accused of murder in the shooting of an unarmed black man. The court last week named retired Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Samuel Henry Welch to preside in the case. Aaron Cody Smith is awaiting trial in the fatal shooting of 58-year-old Greg Gunn nearly three years ago. Smith contends he fired in self-defense after Gunn fought with him.

Hyles Files - Montgomery Needs

Apr 12, 2019

   French street artist JR’s mural of Montgomery residents has begun installation at One Court Square downtown. The Inside Out project had photographed more than 16-hundred people in Montgomery as of Sunday afternoon. Sarah Beatty Buller with local revitalizer Montgomery Builds says 2-thousand pictures are supposed to be taken, but the turnout has been greater than anticipated. The project has continued all week and in fact, an Inside Out pop-up photo booth will be on the campus of Alabama State University Thursday from 10am until 2pm for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Southern Poverty Law Center names new leader

Apr 3, 2019

   The Southern Poverty Law Center has new leadership. Former juvenile court judge Karen Baynes-Dunning has been named as the group’s interim president and chief executive officer. She has served on the SPLC board of directors since 2017. Baynes-Dunning now becomes the organization’s first African-American woman president. The SPLC statement says there will now be a nationwide search for a permanent leader.

This announcement follows the firing of SPLC founder Morris Dees and t

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Huntsville, Alabama – (AP) - An Etowah County circuit judge has dismissed the lawsuit former Alabama A&M University President Robert R. Jennings filed against the board of trustees over his
Circuit Judge Anthony Clark Hall, appointed by the Alabama Supreme Court to preside over the case, granted a request by the board's attorney to dismiss the suit. The board said it is immune from such suits.
Hall's decision was dated March 7.

New Orleans – (AP) - There will be a major indication Tuesday of whether the falloff of oil and natural gas prices is stifling interest in exploration and production.
The federal Minerals Management Service releases pre-sale figures for Wednesday's auction of offshore leases in the central Gulf of Mexico, one of the nation's most prominent energy-producing regions.
In recent years, low spot prices - such as those now dominating
markets - have not had as much effect on the sale.
Analysts say that with drilling in the deepwater of the Gulf of

Montgomery, Alabama –
(AP) - The chancellor of Alabama's two-year college system says he will recommend that the State Board of Education waive tuition increases for three years for participants in Alabama's prepaid college tuition plan.
Byrne serves on the plan's 10-member board. He said Monday about
one-fifth of the college students in the plan attend a two-year
college. That's more than 1,900 students.
Byrne says waiving tuition increases is one part of a multi-part
solution being developed by the plan's board to deal with dwindling

Washington –
(AP) - Federal lawmakers, including Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, are heaping criticism on insurance giant AIG, after learning the bailed-out company has been passing out millions of dollars in executive bonuses.
The Tuscaloosa Republican tells ABC's "Good Morning America"
that Congress needs to make sure that government money going to AIG
is properly handled. The Alabama Republican adds that AIG brought
its problems on itself and that "a lot of these people should be
fired, not awarded bonuses."

Montgomery, Alabama – The Alabama State University Hornets are heading to Dayton, Ohio for tomorrow night's game.

The Hornets take on Morehead State of Kentucky Tuesday evening beginning at 6:30 in Dayton, Ohio. If the Hornets win that matchup,the SWAC Champions will advance to play Number 1 seed Louisville ,Friday, in the NCAA Tournament.

You can hear the game on WVAS -FM, and you can watch the game on ESPN.

Geneva,Alabama – (AP) - Funeral services have been held for a Geneva
county sheriff deputy's wife and infant daughter who were slain in
a shooting rampage across two counties in rural Alabama.
Deputy Josh Myers joined other law enforcement officers Tuesday
in a chase to stop 28-year-old Michael McLendon, who had killed 10
people and was armed and ready to shoot more.
Myers was unaware his wife Andrea and their 19-month-old
daughter Corrine Gracy were among the victims. Their other

Montgomery, Alabama – Listen,now, to some of the stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom this hour. Send your news items to Tana Shealey via e-mail at tshealey@alasu.edu or call us at 334-229-4783.

Montgomery, Alabama – Listen,now,to some of the stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom. Send your news items to WVAS-FM via e-mail to Tana Shealey at tshealey@alasu.edu or call us at 334-229-4783.

March 13,2009 – GENEVA, Ala. (AP) - The investigation into the life of the Alabama gunman that killed 10 people and then himself paints a troubling portrait of a depressed young man who couldn't hold a job.
He was also a self-proclaimed survivalist who ordered instructional videos on how to commit violence.
At a news conference last night, state law enforcement officials said Michael McLendon had talked recently about being depressed over failing to become a Marine or a police officer.