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Montgomery, Alabama – Listen,now,to some of the stories making headlines on this Thursday, February 5th. Send your news items and comments to Tana Shealey via e-mail at tshealey@alasu.edu or call 334-229-4783.

Montgomery, Alabama – One of the former candidates for mayor of Montgomery is filing a lawsuit over being disqualified to run for the office.

29 year old Willie D. Knight alleges the Montgomery Election Center discriminated against young candidates during the two week qualifying period. Knight tells a local newspaper that he is seeking $20 million in damages.

Montgomery, Alabama – Funeral services will be held today for Former Governor Guy Hunt. Hunt died Friday of lung cancer; he was 75 years old.

Gov. Bob Riley, Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. and many other state officials plan to attend the funeral today in the north Alabama town of Boaz.

Republican Governor Riley credits Hunt with helping the Republican Party emerge in Alabama. A spokesman for the Democratic lieutenant governor said he also plans to attend. Folsom served as lieutenant governor when Hunt was governor.

Montgomery, Alabama – (AP) - Gov. Bob Riley says a federal economic
stimulus package would allow Alabama to maintain state government
operations at close to their current level next year.
Riley says education spending could be higher than it currently
Riley unveiled his proposed state budgets for fiscal 2010 on
Wednesday and they address two scenarios - passage of a federal
stimulus package and failure of the package.
If the package fails, Riley says education spending would drop

Montgomery, Alabama – Listen,now, to some of the stories making headlines this hour in the WVAS newsroom. Send your news items and comments to Tana Shealey via e-mail to tshealey@alasu.edu or call 334-229-4783.

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Gov. Bob Riley says Alabama could get
about $1 billion over two years for public education from the
federal economic stimulus package.
The governor told high school students Monday in a live telecast
that the stimulus package would allow Alabama to avoid making more
big cuts in education spending. But he says Alabama is looking at
widespread layoffs and larger class sizes if the stimulus package
fails in the U.S. Senate.
Riley made his remarks shortly before the state Finance

Montgomery, Alabama –
(AP) - U.S. Rep. Artur Davis has scheduled
events Friday in Birmingham and Montgomery to discuss his interest
in running for governor of Alabama in 2010.
A spokeswoman for the Democratic congressman says he will speak
at noon Friday at the Harbert Center in Birmingham and then at 5
p.m. at the state Department of Archives and History in Montgomery.
Birmingham is in Davis' congressional district and Montgomery is
his hometown.
Davis told reporters in December that he expected to run for

Montgomery, Alabama – Listen, now, to some of the stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom. Send your news items or comments to Tana Shealey via e-mail at tshealey@alasu or call the newsroom at 334-229-4783.

Boaz, Alabama – BOAZ, Ala. (AP) - The family of Gov. Guy Hunt revised his
funeral arrangements Sunday to have all events in two days instead
of three.
Hunt, who was 75, died Friday at a Birmingham hospital after a
long battle with lung cancer.
The family of the two-term governor announced that his body will
lie in state at Mount Vernon Primitive Baptist Church located on
Alabama 69 between Cullman and Baileyton from 8 a.m. Tuesday until
8 a.m. Wednesday. Hunt served as pastor of the church.

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabamians who are unemployed are
eligible for an additional 13 weeks of unemployment compensation
benefits, effective Feb. 15, because the state's jobless rate has
averaged over 6 percent for three months.
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations Director Tom Surtees
said Thursday the additional benefits came through federal
In November, the state qualified for an extension of 20 weeks.
So the two extensions combined result in an additional 33 weeks of