Birmingham,Alabama – Alabama's Republic Governor says he may say no to about $66 million of the federal economic stimulus funds earmarked to help states fund unemployment benefits.

In an interview with the Birmingham News, Riley is quoted stating that he is concerned about federal rules that could interfere with the state's ability to write laws and regulations.

Riley is in Washington attending the National Governors Association meeting.

Montgomery, Alabama – It's costing more to fill up gas tanks in Alabama. AAA Alabama's recent survey finds the state wide average for regular gasoline is five cents higher than it was a month ago.
AAA Alabama shows the average statewide price for regular gasoline is $1.79 per gallon while the national average is $1.91.

AAA's daily fuel gauge report finds mid-grade averages $1.91 while premium costs $1.97 a gallon.

Birmingham, Alabama – BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Survey crews from the National Weather
Service have confirmed tornado damage in Randolph County near the
Georgia line.
The twister touched down Wednesday night. It was classified as
an E-F-1 with estimated peak winds of 90 miles-per-hour.
Forecasters said the tornado's path was concentrated along Randolph
County Road 296.
Meteorologists also determined it was straight line winds that
left scattered damage in Dallas, Perry, Sumter, Greene and Hale

Montgomery, Alabama –
Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, speaking with WVAS news during his visit to Montgomery,says that he voted in favor of the plan because it will do such things as help extend benefits to those who are unemployed, generate new jobs, and help Alabama's ailing general fund and education fund budget.

Montgomery,Alabama – State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk is naming the cause of the blaze that destroyed two rural churches in Chambers County; the cause is arson.

The Union Hill CME Church near the community of Oak Bowery and the Liberty CME Church, located about 7 miles away, were both destroyed on February 15th.

Paul says no connection has been made between the two fires.

There were no injuries in either blaze.

Officials are also investigating the blaze in Lee County at Pitts Chapel United Methodist Church in Salem.

Montgomery, Alabama – In Alabama today it is the calm after the storm. The good news is that there are no reports of any lives being lost overnight during the stormy weather that hit the state in two waves beginning around 6:00 p.m.

Montgomery, Alabama –
Alabama officials speculate the state will receive about $3 billion dollars from the $787 billion dollar economic stimulus bill.

Alabama Education Association Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert says the portion set aside for education should help keep about 3,700 Alabama teachers and 4,000 support personnel from losing their jobs.

State Senator Hank Sanders, who chairs the Senate Education and Budget Committee, says while the funds will help, he is not sure if the portion for education will stem layoffs.

Montgomery, Alabama – For Wilcox County, an already bad situation is worsening. Wilcox County has Alabama's highest unemployment rate, and recently the Wilcox County Community of Pine Hill lost 300 jobs with the closing of a mill.

Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, the only member of Alabama's congressional delegation to vote in favor of the economic stimulus bill, says the measure will offer some immediate help by extending unemployment benefits for the nation's jobless. Davis says long-term benefits include the creation of jobs around the nation.

Montgomery, Alabama –
It was a tragic scene Sunday in a Dalraida apartment, two women and a man lay dead of gunshot wounds and three young children were inside the residence.

Montgomery Police say it appears 29-year-old Salatho Brown killed 32-year-old La Tonya Wilkins-Harvest,the woman with whom he live. Police allege Brown also shot and killed Wilkins-Harvest's mother, 52 year old Marthella Wilkins. Police say Brown then turned the gun upon himself.

Three children, ages 13, 11, and 7 were inside the apartment but were not injured.

Montgomery, Alabama –
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Efforts to allow the sale of stronger
beer in Alabama are brewing again in the Legislature.
The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee voted without dissent
Wednesday for a bill that would allow the sale of beer with up to
13.9 percent alcohol by volume.
The president of Free the Hops, Stuart Carter of Birmingham,
says Alabama, Mississippi and West Virginia currently have the
nation's strictest limit on beer at 6 percent alcohol by volume.