Montgomery,Alabama – In July of 2007, Micah J. Day of Millbrook ran his vehicle into a car on Hayneville Road and the Western Boulevard;the driver was not injured.

Day kept driving and minutes later ran his vehicle into another one; this time slamming it into a utility pole on Old Selma Road, killing the driver, off duty Montgomery Police Officer Robert Edward McCory.

Day must serve 35 years in prison for reckless murder. Prosecutors say at the time of the fatal traffic accident, Day was under the influence of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana.

Montgomery, Alabama – One of the two bills before the Alabama Legislature would clearly define crimes of "moral turpitude", but an advocate for felons says the measure would undo gains in the current laws that restore felons rights.

The Reverend Kenneth Glasgow, founder of Ordinary People Society, based in Dothan stated in the Montgomery Advertiser that, "It appalls me now that at this particular time in history, after we have crossed so many barriers that anyone would want to put up anything that would cause another human being to have rights taken away".

Montgomery,Alabama – (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Thursday, the eighth meeting day of the regular session:
-Passed a bill to appropriate $8 million for building an
elementary school in the Walker County town of Oakman to replace a
building that was heavily damaged by a tornado. Goes to Senate.
-Approved legislation to limit the liability of owners of land
leased for hunting and fishing if someone is injured on their
property. Goes to Senate.

Montgomery, Alabama – (AP) - Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has urged legislators to pass a bill that would dramatically rewrite Alabama's ethics law.
The governor, at a news conference Thursday, wouldn't rule out
calling lawmakers back to Montgomery for a special session if they
do not pass the proposed legislation in the current regular session
that ends in mid-May.
Rep. Mac Gipson of Prattville and Sen. Ben Brooks of Mobile have
introduced identical versions of the bill in the House and Senate.

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A Republican-backed plan to phase out
the state sales tax on groceries has received a public hearing
before a state Senate committee. But the plan's sponsor, Sen. Scott
Beason of Gardendale, predicts the bill won't get out of the
The Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee held a
public hearing on Beason's bill Wednesday. The committee is
scheduled to vote on the bill next week.
The bill would remove 1 percent of the state's 4 percent grocery

Montgomery, Alabama – For the second time in less than two weeks, Montgomery Police are investigating a double murder.

Montgomery Police Major Huey Thornton says the victims, 24 year old Jauan Minor and 27 year old Gerard Burdette, both of Montgomery, were shot in their heads late Tuesday at a residents at 722 Ridgemont Avenue.

A 53 year old man at the scene suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Early Wednesday morning, two other men showed up at the emergency room with non-life threatening gunshot wounds in connection to the shootings on Ridgemont.

Decatur, Alabama – A guilty verdict has been handed down in the trial of a state representative accused of fraud. State Representative Sue Schmitz awaits sentencing on seven felony fraud charges connected with being paid more than $177,000 for doing little to no work on a federally funded job.

Montgomery, Alabama – Alabama Governor Bob Riley says the state will take the $170 million that the federal government is releasing this week for Medicaid funding. Riley says the money for the Medicaid Program will help "fill some gaps" in the state's general fund budget.

Montgomery, Alabama – A Prattville man is charged with murder in the shooting death of a former Prattville High School football player.

Autauga County District Attorney Randall Houston alleges 22 year old Joshua Duane Jones killed 21 year old Justine Rye in August 2008 during a party in a field near Autaugaville.

Houston says the motive for the fatal shooting appears to have been an argument over whether the music played at that event would be Rap or Country.

Montgomery, Alabama – The Alabama Department of Transportation expects to receive anywhere from $500 to $550 million in economic stimulus funding. Tony Harris, a spokesman for Transportation Department, says the money will be used on projects that are "shovel ready" or that can begin within 120 days of receipt of federal dollars.