Montgomery, Alabama –
It has taken almost ten years, but the Alabama Department of Transportation is preparing to begin cleaning up contaminate water found in groundwater in a community near Coliseum Boulevard.

The 4.7 MILLION dollar project will cover an area of about 41 acres. Officials are clearing away low concentrations of trichloroethylene or TCE which is a common solvent for asphalt testing.

Low concentrations of TCE were discovered almost ten years ago when construction site tests were conducted for a potential fast food restaurant.

Montgomery, Alabama – Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions says he supports the Obama administration's focus on Afghanistan and lowering U.S. troop levels in Iraq.

Sessions, who serves on the Senate Armed Forces Committee, has just returned from a trip to the Middle East.

Montgomery, Alabama – Alabama's 5.6 billion dollar Education Budget and 2.6 billion dollar General Fund budget made it through Legislative committees Wednesday.

The General Fund spending plan includes more than 1billion dollars from the federal stimulus plan.

House Government Appropriations Committee Chairman John Knight, (D) Montgomery, says even with the federal dollars, spending will still be tight for many state agencies.

Montgomery, Alabama –
(AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Wednesday, a committee meeting day:
-House Government Appropriations Committee approved a General
Fund budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Goes to House.
-House Government Appropriations Committee approved a bill that
would allow the Legislative Building Authority to use land and
arrange financing to build legislative chambers and offices at the
rear of the Capitol in downtown Montgomery. Goes to House.

Montgomery, Alabama – Summary of action in Alabama Legislature

Montgomery, Alabama –
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Thousands of Alabama Power customers
statewide remain without electricity after storms downed trees and
Alabama Power spokeswoman Keisa Sharpe said crews hope to
restore service by Tuesday night to most of the 61,686 customers
who were without power. A total of 33,300 customers were in
Birmingham area.
Sharpe said several Birmingham area residents might be without
power until Wednesday evening.
A total of 22,290 customers were without power in the Tuscaloosa

Montgomery, Alabama – Listen,now,to some of the top stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom.

Montgomery, Alabama – (AP) - The Internal Revenue Service says help is available to the thousands of Alabamians who have waited until the last minute to file a tax return or an extension.
The IRS offices in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile are staying open until 6 p.m. today and tomorrow (Wednesday) to help taxpayers.
The IRS says there are also community help sites in 38 counties that offer free tax preparation for people with household incomes of $42,000 or less last year.
Taxpayers can call 1-800-906-9887 for locations.

Montgomery, Alabama –
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Another strong storm system is pushing
its way across Alabama leaving a trail of sporadic damage,
including fallen trees, roof damage and some downed power lines
across parts of Alabama.
A tornado watch is in effect until 10 a.m. Monday for counties
in southwest and southeast Alabama. Flash flood warnings have also
been posted for the region.
The storms have produced heavy rain, dangerous cloud-to-ground
lightning, hail and powerful wind gusts.

April 9,2009 – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama
Legislature on Wednesday, a committee meeting day:
-House Committee on County and Municipal Government approved a
bill that would prevent country sheriffs from keeping unspent money
allocated for feeding prisoners. Goes to House.
-House Public Safety Committee delayed action on a bill that
would allow law enforcement officers to impound a vehicle after an
accident or a moving violation if the owner does not have proof of